2nd Try Magazine issue 1 - Kawaii Desu Ne


2nd Try Magazine issue 1 - Kawaii Desu Ne
144 glossy pages
The first issue, based on a 6 month trip in Japan, is called «Kawaii Desu Ne» or «It’s cute, isn’t it ?» in english. It introduces Kawaii culture, its influence on the West and the different artists I met in Tokyo. It’s both in english and in japanese.
There are rounded typo in hommage of japanese school girls’ writing, the beginning of kawaii culture, saturated colors, an overdose of cute things. We get to see through 144 pages cool interviews (Excalibur, Omi Omi…), photoshoots (Harajuku Gyaru, Kawaii Therapy…) illustrations and articles such as the influence of anime food on the West or the power of karaoke, and why it’s a huge part of Japanese culture.
Printed in France